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Information Agency "ROSINFORMUGOL" was set up in 1994 with the purpose of gathering, processing and analyzing the information of Russian coal industry.

At present our company operates as the independent information and analytical agency on the market of information service and concentrates its efforts for information and analytical support of coal business in Russia.

The staff of our company consists of the high qualified experts who have had considerable experience in various fields of national economy: mining, analytics, economics, computer engineering, programming, technology etc.

Rosinformugol has its own exclusive and comprehensive database which contains information on 100 main indices of Russian coal industry performances. This database is used for business investigation of the processes occurring on Russian and foreign coal markets.

Our permanent customers are the coal producing enterprises, coal company and holdings, Federal and Regional Authorities, metallurgical, power and oil holdings, consulting and information companies, banks, representatives of foreign companies in Russia, foreign manufacturers of mining equipment, mining unions and associations, mining institutions etc.

"Rosinformugol" can provide the following services:

     In the field of Analytical Investigation:

  • Expert investigation of the specific problems in the field or Fuel and Energy Complex.
  • Investigation of the tendencies and projections of whole coal sector development as well as of the individual coal enterprises.
  • Review of the foreign economic activity in the field of coal.
  • Review of the world coal market.
     In the field of Information Technologies:
  • Rendering the access to the exclusive Information & Reference System of the coal sector.
  • Providing the assistance for designing the corporative information & analytical software systems and software products for all - round automation the activity of the management personnel of the enterprise.
     In other fields:
  • Working out and realization of the projects of the modern communicational technologies.
  • Maintenance service of the advanced office facilities, personal computers and computer networks.
Our Realized Projects:

     Making the exclusive data base of Russian Coal Industry
    Our data base contains enormous array of various information of the enterprises and companies of Russian coal sector as well as the information of coal sectors of foreign countries. By means of this data base the business investigations of all aspects on Russian and foreign coal markets are carried out.
     Publishing the Periodicals:
  • Quarterly information and analytical reviews of the Coal Industry of Russia. They contain the results of the whole coal industry.
  • Fundamental analysis of the production, economic and financial state of coal companies is presented in quarterly publication Rating of Coal Producing Companies of Russia.
  • Annual information and analytical review of the Coal Industry of Kuzbass.
  • Semi-annual information and analytical review International Coal Trading Activity of Russia.
  • Annual information and analytical review International Coal Market,
  • Monthly information review of foreign news.
  • Annual handbook Coal Industry of the Russian Federation in 3 volumes.
  • Reference Book Quantitative and Qualitative Specifications of Coals Produced in the Russian Federation.
     Working out and Management of the Sectoral Web-site Russian Coal
    Sectoral website accumulates the information of Russian coal industry, CIS states and foreign countries and permits to keep in touch with the following:
  • Remote access via Internet to the information and analytical materials (data) of Russian coal sector.
  • Daily on-line news of mass media about coal related subjects in Russia and abroad.

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