Analytical investigations

With us you can order analytical or expert investigation, as well as forecast assessments on subjects which are of interest to your company and connected with coal industry of related branches of economy.

The examples of analytical and expert assessments that were done by our specialists by orders of some Russian and foreign companies in 2005-2010 are as follows:

  • Activity analysis of the enterprises which produce coal of T, SS and OS grades and anthracite in Kuznetsk coal basin.
  • Assessment and outlook of quantity and price indicators of Russian coking coal market.
  • Analysis of cost and price formation in domestic Russian market of coking coals (models of negotiations between producers and customers, agreement terms, criterions of price formation etc.). Expert assessment of actual and outlook railway tariffs and cost of sea ports handling of Russian coking coals.
  • Investigation of potential investments and attractiveness of new deposits for future production as well as factors Russian coal industry development.
  • Analysis of total domestic consumption of steam and coking coals in Russia with forecast to 2020 with comments on factors, which will determine coal consumption from the point of view of policy and cost in comparison with other fuels. Brief characteristics of coal consumers: power generation, cement industry, iron and steel etc.
  • Regional investigation of coal markets of the Russian Federation with the aim of selection potential sellers and coal types for industrial utilization.

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